Chapter 31

It’s the last day of 2020 and also my birthday– we finally made it! I know 2020 was a lot different than we all expected, but before we say our goodbyes to this year it truly has taught me a lot. This year has taught me to be happy, positive, and thankful for every day. And to celebrate all the highs and lows of our unpredictable yet beautiful lives.

To celebrate my birthday today I wanted to put together a list of advice that I have gotten and saved over the years.

1.) Be you for you

2.) Trust the timing of your life

3.) There is no perfect timeline or deadline.

4.) Happiness is free

5.) Laugh often because it’s contagious

6.) Travel as much as you can

7.) Always ask questions

8.) Your time is very limited in the world

9.) People will always surprise you

10.) You are in charge of yourself always

11.) Actions will always speak louder then words

12.) Practice what you preach

13.) Check up on your family and close friends

14.) Second chances are welcomed

15.) You will grow out of certain things that you once loved

16.) Time is more important than money

17.) Learning will never be out of style

18.) Be nice to everyone

19.) Always look your best you’ll never know who you may run into

20.) Setting goals will help

21.) People will come and go but the most important ones will stay

22.) Be organized and plan ahead.

23.) You will have good days and bad days

24.) Trust is something that takes time

25.) Look the part because perception matters

26.) Tell your loved ones you love them

27.) Everyone needs feedback and criticism

28.) Having different opinions are okay

29.) Communication is key

30.) Always save even if it’s a little

Cheers to you 2020 and happy new year. I wish you a positive and healthy 2021. Now let’s do this together!

Always love



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