The perfect pair 


Blazer: Zara; Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Jeans: J.Brand; Shoes: Zara; Tie: c/0 Bows N Ties; Tie Bar: c/o The Tie Bar; Pocket Square: c/o Bows N Tie; Sunglasses: Ray Bans; Watch: Apple Watch; Bracelets: Bought them in the Bahamas

My closet lately has been expanding into more blazers. Shocker right?! More suits, separates, and blazers. As we go into Summer, I’m leaning towards more of grey and khaki colors. Even my brown and cognac color shoes are making an appearance! I keep pairing them with grey and khaki separates. Also, I’m loving a good fit for denim and letting it reflect with these neutral shades. If you ask me, it’s just fits together like a perfect pair.

Photos by: Blink 300m Photography


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