Navy Days 

   SHOP THE LOOK HERE: Blazer: Zara; Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Trousers: J. Brand; Tie: c/o Bows N Ties; Pocket Square: c/o Bows N Ties; Sunglasses: Ray Bans 

Well it’s here, spring has finally sprung! Something about this time of year makes me a little bit more appreciative of Dallas weather. After a crazy winter in Dallas and bi polar weather in New York during fashion week, the sun is out! And it’s definitely here to stay. If you know me, then you know black has been my go to color for years, and for many other people. So when these goodies came in from Bows N Ties. It kind of made me love the color even more! Lately, I’ve been definitely voicing that navy is the new black- so move over black…navy is moving in! I’ve found myself buying more and more navy, especially as my go-to color.

What’s your favorite navy number? 

Photos by: Blink 300m Photography


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