StyleKick X StyldByZ


A few weeks ago I was honored to be partnered up with one of my favorite style apps, StyleKick. I was also hooked on this app for some time now. I was so grateful and humbled to be a part of “Bloggers you need to Know!”

Stylekick is an app where you can surf through numerous styles and find so many different inspirations for outfits. It’s your one way trip to fashion and who and where bought the clothes and even who it’s on. And another plus, it’s for all you fashion lovers. All your fashion problems have been officially solved.

The best part? You can shop full outfits and find inspirations from your phone, it’s that easy!

Flip. Share. Inspire.

Be sure to check out the StyleKick app and download it HERE. And my exclusive interview Bloggers you need to know HERE.


Photo By: StyleKick & Josh Langston, Street Style Photography, Outside of Lincoln Center-New York Fashion Week FW14


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