Red, oh. Let’s go!








Blazer: Dockers-Sold Out Similar Option (By Mr. Turk) Shirt: Zara Jeans: Cheap Monday Shoes: Asos-Sold Out Similar Option Belt: Burberry Pocket Square: Vintage Bracelets: Cartier Sunglasses: Ray- Bans Club Masters  Watch: Michael Kors 

The summer months have finally creeped upon us, well at least in Dallas they have! I’ve been waiting to add some color to my wardrobe. So when this burnt red blazer came in, I couldn’t wait to wear it! Let’s just be honest, I would sleep in it if I had to.

People always ask me what other color they can wear besides the basic blacks, grays, and navies. Especially when getting a man dressed up. So why not wear a burnt red blazer? It screams “LOOK AT ME!” But it’s burnt red…I mean you will get noticed, am I right!?

When wearing this burnt red blazer, pairing it with my favorite neutrals black and white compliments it perfectly. You always want to wear it with basics and almost look at it like you would want to dress it down. And don’t forget a neutral shoe, be comfortable and let the blazer speak for it self, who’s with me?

Like I said if I’m not wearing it, I’ll probably be sleeping in it.

Happy Weekend!


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